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Family Settlement

NZEAS first language counselors from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and other countries have lived, studied and worked in New Zealand for many years. With the wisdom and knowledge of the New Zealanders working in the company there is a lot of experience to draw upon for advising new visitors, settlers and migrants to our country. There are also professional advisers we can recommend in matters of business establishment, legal matters, property transactions and education alternatives as well as social and recreation opportunities that can be introduced to be able to live the New Zealand lifestyle.

There are many things to understand about a country when you first arrive and it is easy to make mistakes from poor decisions. NZEAS counselors are the first point of call for our clients to gather information and to be supported in their decisions. Our service provides peace of mind attention to the details of making settlement in New Zealand a successful and stress free experience.


  • meet at the airport and arrange suitable short stay accommodation in hotel, serviced apartment, homestay family, or attached family
  • arrange bank account, immediate travel arrangements, phone and internet connections, shopping and leisure activities
  • assist with long stay accommodation requirements of leasing a house or apartment, furniture, utilities, and household effects
  • introduce children and parents to recreation possibilities, including golf, sports clubs, library membership, church and community groups


  • choose a suitable school for the children
  • introduce the family to the school and assist with adjustment to school routines
  • monitor progress of children in the school and meet with teachers as required
  • translate reports and respond to school requests for payments and information
  • advise on educational qualifications and how to be successful
  • arrange additional tutoring support for children
  • recommend other educational services, such as English language school or community education programmes


  • assist with immigration requirements for visas, including medical checks, documentation, interviews, applications, etc.
  • check and validate tenancy agreements
  • seek professional advice on purchase and sale of property
  • arrange NZ driving license and secure purchase of a vehicle
  • investigate and implement business plans


New Zealand Education Adviser Services Limited
Incorporating NZEAS Education Centre, Central City, Christchurch

Services Provided by NZEAS
First Language Counselors and English Speaking Staff
Registration NZEAS acts as private consultant to parents by providing essential and accurate information on schooling and living in New Zealand. NZEAS assists parents to make decisions on how to proceed with plans for their children’s enrolment and study at a New Zealand school. NZEAS arranges school placement and assists with payment of fees, visa documents and travel to New Zealand.
NZ$ 500
Arraival and Orientation NZEAS will meet parents and children at airport and transfer to short stay accommodation – hotel, motel, serviced apartment, homestay family, or attached family. Assistance is given with long stay accommodation and requirements for living such as furniture, supermarkets, gas, power and phone. Orientation is provided to aspects of transport, banking, shopping, recreation, church, medical services, etc.
NZ$ 500
Month 1 and Month 2 NZEAS introduces parent and child to school and explains procedures for daily schedule, uniform, school trips, safety issues, means of communicating, etc. Language support is provided as required and English study can be recommended for mothers and children. Introductions can be made to sports clubs or recreation activities for both children and parents.

NZEAS supports parents to become settled in permanent accommodation, meeting school zoning requirements, and personal standards. NZEAS provides explanations on driving in N Z and assistance to purchase a vehicle at reasonable cost. NZEAS provides a comprehensive support service with a “drop in centre” in the central city, for meetings with a counselor and other parents, translations and explanations of school and legal documents, an advice service, World TV, and English language study in groups or individually.

Parents are encouraged to share experiences and concerns in regular group networking meetings.
NZ$ 500 per month
Months 3-10 NZEAS allows open and continuous access to advice and support for parents and children. The NZEAS Education Centre is available for internet access, World TV, English study, or a place to stop and talk with others.
NZ$ 250 per month
Advice on Demand NZEAS counselors are available for consultation outside a contracted period for a fee of $NZ 50 plus GST per hour. Min. Fee is $100
Maximum fee payable for one year is $4,000, or full year programme is $3,500

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