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High School

The standard of education in New Zealand is ranked amongst the top in the developed world for literacy and numeracy. New Zealand education has focused on ensuring our system provides the learning that will help students face the challenges of the future. The New Zealand curriculum framework not only focuses on key knowledge areas but also on the skills and attitudes that will be critical to success in a knowledge society.

Christchurch has many very good high schools where your child will receive a good education that is recognized internationally. One reason Christchurch is so popular with international students is that the schools have a specialised support system. Most high schools conduct ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes to help international students settle in and understand everyday academic English. However, if a student is in need of extensive English tutoring the high school will refer them to a language school that specialises in an intensive High School preparation programme. Needless to say that vacancies for high school placements tend to be limited as they are popular and get often booked for years in advance.

To ensure that consistent and safe services are provided to all international students the government has developed a Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. All schools that enrol international students are signatories to this code. Because of this schools usually require the students under the age of 19 to have a designated care provider.

The choice of a high school is very important as the preferences of the student have to be matched with the special character of the school. Schools vary in aspects such as single sex vs. co-education, religious emphasis, sporting strength and arts curriculum. Some students prefer small schools where they will receive a lot of individual attention while others prefer the stimulating and diverse environment of a big school. Your advisors at NZEAS will help you to choose the school that is best for your child.

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