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Homestay FAQs

What sort of food does the student eat?

Asian students like rice and noodles, especially the thin curly “two minute noodle” variety. Some students adjust easier than others. The more exposure the student has had to western food and culture in his/her home country, the easier they will adjust.

Do we need to show the student the bus route to school?

Yes, please familiarize he student with the transport she will need to get to school and back and also the route to town or shopping centres.


Discuss these together with the student and guardian and agree on a suitable time.

When do I get paid?

Please look at the payment info on the menu of this website.

How good is the student’s English?

This depends on the age, nationality and ability of the student.

My student wants to have his friends stay for sleepovers.

Sleepovers are fine as long as they don’t occur on school nights and are reciprocated by the other student’s family. Please be sure to talk things over with the family of your student’s friend. Just a quick phone call will do.

My student is regularly bringing home other dinner guests.

Treat this as you would with your own children. The odd dinner guest, preferably with prior warning is fine. Ideally these things should be reciprocated so you too get the odd “night off”.

My student is very untidy in the bathroom.

Please talk this over with the student. Give the student clear objectives and instructions on how you need things to be. If this is to no avail, talk things over with the student’s guardian and/or the homestay co-ordinator.

My student does not put his washing out. He just wears his clothing again and again and as result he is often smelly.

Be firm on the student as you would with your own teenager. Create clear rules about washing such as washing must be out daily before tea. Don’t be afraid to ask you student to change into clean clothing “right now” if you deem it necessary.

Should I accommodate the student’s parents when they are on a visit?

No, the student’s parents are assisted with alternative accommodation arrangements by the student’s guardian.

Do I need to inform the homestay co-ordinator about a change in household structure?

Yes, the homestay co-ordinator is bound by ministerial rules to keep accurate and up to date records of the student’s accommodation details.

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