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New Zealand has a diverse, multicultural society, with about 3.85 million population. New Zealanders (generally known as Kiwis) are friendly and open. Most tourists and foreigners are impressed by Kiwis' friendly, open and honest attitude. New Zealand has great landscapes with interesting fauna and flora. Therefore, exciting and challenging outdoor activies are always very popular in New Zealand. These activities range from horse riding, hiking to kayaking and surfing.

New Zealand is located in the southern Pacific Ocean, therefore it is summer from December to February and winter from June to August. Temperatures during the seasons depend on lots of factors such as the westerly winds and mountainous geography. However, typical summer temperature is in between 15°C - 31°C, while winter temperature ranges from -7°C to 10°C.

NZ Price Guide

In order to assist you with stipulating a suitable amount of spending money we have compiled this list of everyday items. If you feel that your child may need assistance with budgeting we will safeguard the money and pay a monthly allowance.

This is an indication of the cost of reasonable quality items that can be purchased everywhere in New Zealand. The values given below do not necessarily represent the lowest prices but rather an average amount.

Food Mc Donalds Big Mac Combo $6.50
KfC Quarterpack $6.95
Sushi Lunchbox $6
Restaurant dining (inc. Drinks) from $20
Sanitary Items Shampoo $7
Cosmetics (e.g. Clearasil Face Wash) $10
Make-up (e.g. Maybelline brand) $10 – 20
Tampons etc. $6 – 12
5 Razorblades $10
Lynx deodorant $7
Shaving foam $7
Clothing T-shirt from $20
Jeans / Pants from $50
Levis Jeans from $100
Sweatshirt from $50
Underwear bra set $40
Shoes $100
“Label Clothing” Skate / Surf wear (e.g. Quiksilver, Billabong, 26 Red, Roxy, Mambo, etc.) is considered the height of teen fashion. Expect to pay high prices for the popular labels but please bear in mind that cheaper alternatives are readily available.

T-shirt $70
Pants $120
Sweatshirts $120
Shoes $200
Bus Any two zones (for youths) $60 monthly
Cell phone $150
Alcohol and Cigarettes Parents of adult children please note that the prices of alcohol and especially of cigarettes are prohibitively high due to a penal tax. Expect to pay more in a restaurant or bar.

20 Cigarettes $9
Bottle of wine $12
Can of beer $2

Common Rules and Laws in New Zealand

This information will help you understand some of the laws and regulations in New Zealand. Please note that breaking these laws may be considered a criminal offence and loss of study permit may result. Driving Some young people seem to be under the impression that the driving laws are very relaxed in New Zealand. They may thus wish to buy a car shortly after their arrival. Please be aware that car ownership is uncommon with young people under the age of 18. Most young people tend to get around Christchurch through the well developed bus system. Many New Zealand parents do not even allow their children to sit the driving test until they are 18 years old. If you consent to buy your child a car, please be aware that it will be very hard to find a company that is willing to insure such a young driver at a reasonable rate. When buying insurance be aware of cheap deals, as they may not include third party insurance. This means that if your child causes an accident or damages someone else’s car you will have to pay for the damage. This can be expensive as a Mercedes Benz can easily cost $100000 in New Zealand. Driver’s licence laws, 3 types of licence:
  • Learners licence
  • Restricted licence
  • Full licence
A Learners licence can be obtained from the age of 15 onwards. The person has to study the road rules and sit a test. If they pass they get a learners licence. They are then allowed to take driving lessons with a person that holds a Full drivers licence. When they are ready they can then sit the practical driving test. If they pass the test they will be issued a restricted licence. They will have to wait until it arrives in the mail before they can start to drive. There are several rules regarding restricted licenses.
  • The student can not take passengers unless the passenger holds a Full New Zealand Drivers licence
  • The student may not drive after 10pm
  • The student has to hold a “clean” (no traffic offences such as speeding or too many parking tickets) for a minimum of 18 months before they can obtain a Full drivers licence
  • A Full licence enables the person to drive a motor vehicle at any time with passengers
Drinking and Smoking
  • Drinking or buying alcohol under the age of 18 is strictly forbidden.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol will result in the loss of your drivers licence.
  • Smoking or buying cigarettes under the age of 18 is against the law.

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