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Study pathway of an international student International students are most welcome to come to New Zealand. The level of study is decided by the student’s formal academic background, and most importantly, it depends on his / her English ability.

The figure depicts a typical education. Students can apply for courses – high schools, polytechnics, universities through us. If the level of English is not sufficient, they will be advised to study at English school, to achieve the required English qualification such as IELTS, TOEFL, and FCE. Once the level of English is reached, they will be able to study the selected courses.

As education system differs from country to country, it is essential to ensure the student is enrolling at the correct level of study. For example, students completing high school / secondary school in their home countries should continue their studies in NZ at high school level, or apply for courses at polytechnics, while students doing university courses in their home countries will be qualified to enroll at university. Please click on the particular part of the figure to find out more.

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