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Traditionally, polytechnics offer vocational training courses such as bakery, fashion design and panel beating. Gradually, the institutions have started to include a variety of courses such as tourism, marketing etc, enabling students to learn hands on skills, which can be very useful in the workplace. Fields of study include agriculture, art and design, business, computing, engineering, health sciences, science and technology, tourism and hospitality.

As the institutions have a comprehensive system, students can easily choose courses according to their level of understanding. For instance, students can study certificate level courses to strengthen their English proficiency level and academic skills. They can then move into other higher level academic programs.

As courses offered by polytechnics are very broad, the entry requirement of the courses differs in each case. In general, international students will be required to have a minimum level of English language proficiency. This is measured by international English examination such as IELTS or TOEFL. As an indication, the required overall academic IELTS score ranges from 5.0 to 6.5.

Other Institutions

There are tertiary institutions specializes in education programmes for a particular industry. These institutions cover industries such as travel and tourism, sport, computer administration, art and design etc. These institutions are registered and accredited with the New Zealand Qualification Authority. Most of these institutions also provide English language programmes for students if required

We can help you to choose the right institution for you based on your background, requirement, and your intended career path or interest.

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